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Romance vs Love #2

I really don’t particularly like romantic movies of any kind. Occasionally, there will be an exception to the rule and I’ll like a chick flick more than I expected, and I’ll still go to the theaters or rent those romantic comedies when I’m with my friends and just grin and bear it. Teenage romances are the worst kind. They are almost unbearable to me. Usually, they just consist of kids hurting each other a lot, leading people on, breaking hearts, and all that annoying drama. They’re like middle school hormones on steroids, and I just can’t watch them because I hate to see that. I hate films, media, and literature that teach young people it’s okay to treat others that way or that it’s okay for people to pine over and depend on a girl or guy for happiness.

You see, romance is so impulsive. We see someone we like and we want them. We must have them. We make stupid moves to get them as fast as we can and then we make stupid moves to keep them once we’ve got them. I used to council young girls at my home church in Dallas, and I heard this one a hundred times over: “You don’t understand, Kelsey. I love him.” I noticed a lot of times the ”L word” came up with most couples after about three or four months of dating (Or sometimes just knowing someone), which is so fast for young people who are still maturing and learning about themselves much less learning about other people. It’s like we all rush to fall in love because we want it so desperately. Romance says that’s okay because we need it now, so romance will settle for whatever we can get as long as it’s immediate. Those hormones get to our heads and we let them control us, which often ends in heartbreak.

However, love is patient and we should guard our hearts. When I say love is patient, every one’s minds immediately go to the physical aspects of a relationship (Especially sex), which is true, love waits for that, but it also waits for everything else. It waits for an emotional commitment as well as a physical commitment. Love is patient with the beloved on days when it is difficult because that’s how strong love is. Patience also suggests a sense of rationality that is often not associated with love, mostly because we mix up the real thing with romance. I mean, it’s true, we cannot calculate everything out about love (Thank God! That takes some of the fun out of it), but at the same time, it doesn’t have to be so completely nonsensical that we just throw our hearts out in the middle of the road for just anybody to step on. Love doesn’t want to give the beloved a damaged heart.Love waits till God and God alone has taken care of that messy, broken heart, so that it can be given to someone when it is shiny and new. Love wants the beloved to have the best of you, not the pieces.

Please be careful not to rush into “love” because most of the time we’re just rushing into romance which, as I mentioned in my first note, does not last forever. Don’t settle for some cheap, teenage romance like in the movies when you can have the real, pure, unconditional love that is so much stronger. Guarding our hearts and using those God-given brains isn’t such a bad idea. Remember, Love doesn’t want just anyone, it wants the right one.

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A Look at Love the Last Day: A Call to Love

For those that hate Valentine’s Day so much, maybe it’s because you haven’t really celebrated it. You have given cards, gifts, or spent time with friends or that “special someone,” but you haven’t really loved. You haven’t spent the day reflecting on Who Love is, what it means to love truly, and how that can affect you. If we all did this on Valentine’s Day, I think it would be a different holiday altogether.

St. Valentine was a real person. Historians have found his remains in the Roman catacombs. Though there isn’t a lot of hard evidence about his life and death, what is known was that he was a priest in Rome during the age of the Roman persecution of Christians. Legend has it that he was very sympathetic to young couples and a patron for true love. He would marry young Christians illegally and when he was condemned as a Christian and destined to die, he wrote letters in jail and would sign them “From your Valentine.” The letters had nothing to do with romance, but everything to do with love. Some of the story may not be true such as the writing Valentines; however, he really was a martyr for the church because of his faith and his unwillingness to renounce his love for his God. How far have we fallen from his original notion of what it means to love!

To my Christian friends, we are called to love by our God. We are to love Him more than ourselves which, for Valentine, cost him his life. We are to love our family and our friends, because love is the greatest way to show we are Christians. This means we must be patient, kind, and all of those things 1 Corinthians 13 talked about (As I talked about in my first note on this holiday), even though it may come at a price for us. Christianity is unique, as well, because we are commanded to love even our enemies. Too far? Not for Christ. He loved the world even when He knew many would never come to love Him.

This holiday, celebrate love—true love. Show it. Sacrifice yourselves. To my non-Christian friends and audience, I encourage you to look into this stuff. We can only truly love with God’s help because He is Love, after all. When we try to do it on our own we end up with disappointment and broken relationships. I know, because I have been here.

To the couples and singles alike: Happy Valentine’s Day. I pray we all will continue searching for what it means to truly love.

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