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Dear Beloved,

It takes a stronger heart to love than to hate or be indifferent.

Hate is not as burdensome as you would think, but it is corrosive. It comes in many forms such as jealousy and fear… But the danger of hate is that no matter which form you take, each is poisonous. It feels as if it heals your heart at first, like a medicine, but in actuality it will only destroy you slowly. Don’t be fooled because it sedates the pain. It is more damaging than the hurt will ever be.

Indifference is the lightest load. If you’re heart is full of apathy, it can hardly be hurt and it can hardly be strained, but it can also hardly feel love, compassion, grace, or mercy. Apathy isn’t a substance at all, but rather a lack of any sort of substance—namely passion. Passion can be redirected or changed, but a lack of passion is so difficult to rectify. Indifference is more frightening than hate because it lacks any sort of passion at all. It is pretty much the same as emptiness of heart, and an empty heart is the most desperate of all.

Love is heavy. Love feels the most. Love weighs the most because it takes in the consideration of others’ hearts before its own. It thinks of consequences, it sows grace, it gives more than it can spare, and carries the burdens of the beloved. That’s why love is the hardest for the heart to hold, because it does not simply hold its own interests or needs but the interests and needs and passions and dreams and desires of the object of love. There is a reason why I displayed my love on a cross. It’s the only thing strong enough to display the weight of such a love.

Just because a loving heart is the heaviest and hardest heart to have doesn’t mean that you should abandon it. A loving heart is the only heart that is worth having. Don’t poison your soul with hate and don’t deprive yourself of the joy of love with indifference just because you may get hurt. Only the strongest hearts can love. Only the bravest ones will even take the chance.

I love you. I’ll help you carry this weight. Choose love. Choose me. And we’ll carry this amazing burden together.

Yours Eternally,

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A Love like God’s

I prayed for a heart like Yours, God, but I had no idea what that would look like. I could not have imagined the enormity of such a love.

It was a love that chased desperately after the wife of Hosea. It was a love that gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. It reached out to the tax collectors, but scorned injustice with a fiery passion. It was not just a love that touched, but a love that transformed. It healed the lepers’ spots and the even deeper stains of the sinner’s heart—of my heart. It was a love that never cast the first stone, even though it was perfectly entitled to do so, but one that instead said, “You are forgiven.” It was a love that wept bitterly, bled, and died.

When I prayed for a heart like God’s, I never imagined what a terrifying thing it would be if such a prayer was answered. I never imagined the cost. Love is not marked with roses and rainbows… It is one that is marked with strain, passion, blood, a death, and a cross. To have a heart like God’s is to have a heart that is utterly broken for the world. To have a love like His is to stop at nothing for the sake of His children. It would go at any length and suffer any extreme just to touch the Beloved.

I still do not have a heart like God’s, but He continues to show me His heart every day. He continues to tell me that there is no turning back when you have made a commitment to Him and to real love like His own.

Yes, God. I understand the cost now and I don’t care. I will follow You. Please, give me Your heart. Show me how to love like You love, even if that love comes with great suffering. I know Your love is marked with a cross, but it was a love that ultimately conquered the grave. I will follow Your heart, no matter what the cost, because only Your love has the hope of a resurrection.

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To the Ladies:

A Godly man obviously has God as number one in his life and you as number two.

A Godly man doesn’t want something from you, he wants the world for you. It’s not about what you can give him because to him, you’re enough.

A Godly man doesn’t need you but he wants you. He doesn’t depend on you, but he cherishes you.

A Godly man will appreciate everything about you that all the wrong guys didn’t.

A Godly man will help strengthen you in your faith as well as ask you to strengthen him in his. You are a team when you’re with this guy; you two are equals.

A Godly man will respect you emotionally as well as physically. He’ll never ask you to give too much in either respect.

A Godly man already knows all of these things. You don’t need to tell him or show him because he’s already got it covered.

A Godly woman shouldn’t settle for anything less than these things in her man.

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