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My Dad has the most beautiful Bible

What a father I have…

I had to borrow his Bible for church today because I left mine at my apartment back at school. I love my Bible. It is green—my absolute favorite color—with gorgeous silver pages and my neat little penciled annotations. I take good care of it, so much so that I didn’t want to bring it with me traveling because it might get a little messed up or lost…

I thought my Bible was beautiful, but it was nothing compared to my Dad’s… my Dad carries his Bible in his car—it travels with him everywhere. It’s plain brown with faded, yellowed pages, and his name embroidered in gold on the front. It’s really beat up, too. His mother gave it to him in 1981. She had this note on the inside:

The Bible has five comforting words that appear over and over again: ‘and it came to pass…’ Think about it. No matter what the disease, or trouble, or pain that came, it always came to pass and never to stay. And this too shall pass.

She gave it to him right after his first marriage when he lost custody of his son, my wonderful half brother, Kevin. He carried the Bible with him into the air force, and till this day he still has a picture of Kevin fishing when he was four stuck in those pages. He has his own messy annotations in pen, underlined verses, and parts that he marked to commit to memory… and he has. My dad has entire psalms memorized, and he quotes them to me during hard times.

I never realized just how in love my dad is with God. He’s pretty much always cursed like a sailor, and he comes from a very hardened military family. He always seemed tougher than steel to me. Then again, I’ve seen him at his lowest points, and I’ve seen him teetering on the edge of faith. But he always comes back. He always loves God more and stronger and deeper. He helps those in need. He’s always made our house a home for the homeless for as long as I can remember. He gives far more than he can spare in terms of money and time… and he carries that Bible and that faith through every journey in his life. That Bible was so beautiful because it has seen every storm that came to pass, and it reminded him every day to hold on and remember that the storm will indeed pass.

What a father I have. What a man of God with a Bible that is falling apart and holding him together all the same. I can only hope that one day I can live up to his example.

I love you, Daddy.

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